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VISIONS is a collection of 15 handknit patterns that you can knit and then alter with bleach, dye or paint 

Specs:  Paperback / Wire-O binding.

Why do knitters knit? Maybe we have a simple desire to make our own clothing and accessories. Maybe it’s a way to express ourselves. The yarns we choose, the color palettes we are drawn to, the modifications we make … this is how we play and create. Using skill and creativity, craftsmanship and ideas, a knitter can make almost anything. We create clothing and accessories that can’t be bought or found anywhere else. We are conscious beings, not machines. We make tiny mistakes and sometimes our tension isn’t perfect, but in the end we create something that is uniquely ours. And that’s such a beautiful thing. A ball of yarn can be transformed into just about anything in the hands of a knitter, and in this book I hope to show you how your knitted fabric can become your canvas.

True to my rebel heart, sometimes I feel the need to let go, break the rules and embrace the unexpected. To express myself freely. I cannot explain to you the joy I felt creating the pieces in this collection. Spreading them out on newspapers and flinging paint and bleach in an intentional, yet very careless, arbitrary way. I can’t wait to share this with you.

Many knits in this book were altered in some way after the knitting process was complete and some were left untouched. But this book is written for every knitter. The dyeing, bleaching and painting techniques are optional. Each piece in this collection can be knitted and left as-is, or you can take it a step further and used mixed media to create something brand new. I will show you how with techniques explained at the end of this book. And never fear – you will be using swatches to test the different outcomes of your artistic experiments before you decide to dip-dye or hand-paint your knits. I dare you to try something new. I don’t believe in mistakes. Trust your creativity and let your knits become what they want to be.


Jen Geigley lives, knits and creates in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband and two children. Known for her clean, modern designs, Jen has an appreciation for simple knits that are easy to wear. Her designs have been published in Vogue Knitting Magazine, Knit Simple Magazine, Noro Magazine, Knitsy Magazine, Love of Knitting Magazine, Rowan’s Online Publications and she has self-published knitwear patterns on Ravelry since 2010. She has written and self-published Weekend: Simple, Modern Knits and Everyday: A Casual, Modern Hand-Knit Collection. Jen is passionate about sharing her love of knitting by teaching knitting classes to adults and children at local schools and workshops and loves to knit with her daughter. Originally trained in the arts, she creates her own sketches, illustrations, schematics and graphic design work. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Quentin Tarantino movies, traveling, going to concerts and listening to all kinds of music.