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Short Description: A stripy garter stitch shawl made up of fun-to-knit short row wedges in 2 or 3 colors of any weight yarn, growing ever bigger until you are happy with the size or until you run out of yarn, so that you can use up every last bit.

Gauge: any

Finished Measurements: any size can be made in any gauge - it will always be a curved triangle shape

Materials Used: any weight yarn can be used, in 2 or 3 colors (vague yardage estimates since the shawl can be any size: 200-500 yards / 180-450 meters total bulky; 300-600 yards / 275-550 meters total worsted; 400-900 yards / 350-800 meters total sport; 500-1200 yards / 450-1100 meters total fingering)

Needle Size: needles sized to match yarn - a long circular (32 inches / 80 cm or longer); a somewhat loose gauge is recommended for nice drape

Pattern Includes: pattern written to get as big as you could possibly want it, so you can stop at any point when yarn runs out or ideal size is reached; full photo tutorials given for techniques used to carry yarn along back side; process photos and details on how to get ideal shape, how to work with colors, and modification notes

Skill Level: adventurous beginner or intermediate

Other Details: Even though the pattern is for any gauge, there’s no swatching needed and no math at all (just counting) - the shawl is worked up and out from the bottom point to any size. Working the techniques explained will prevent the need to weave in dozens of ends (yarn is broken only a couple times); working the short rows in garter stitch is fun and easy.