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Deep South Fibers.  Creative.  Convenient.  Connected.  Deep South Fibers, the innovative source for ‘all things knitting,’ supports and advances designers and retailers in the needle arts industry through innovation, insight and accessibility.

We are the premier source for ‘all things knitting.’ We bring together talented, independent designers and dedicated retailers from across the world in an innovative and vibrant virtual community. We’re your one-stop shop for all of your knitting needs, conveniently accessible 24/7.

Deep South offers a full array of Professional Print Solutions and products ranging from traditional knitting patterns to 'on demand' book (and booklet) printing and distribution.  We also offer a suite of traditional printing products and services, ranging from business cards, brochures, flyers and greeting cards to letterhead, magazines and graphic design.    

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1112 Indian Crest Dr.
Indian Springs, AL 35124
Phone / Fax:  (877) 220-1234
Email: orders@deepsouthfibers.com
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